There are a number of valuable resources on the web for wildlife and nature photographers. It would be impossible for me to list them all, however, a few of my favorites are:
Naturescapes is an online community of nature photographers. There are image critique forums, regional forums, and classifieds as well as discussion and information forums and monthly articles. They even have a store with gear and useful photographic accessories. Naturescapes is an invaluable source of information and inspiration for any nature photographer. Visit it at is another online community of nature photographers with montly magazines and image critique forums very similar to Naturescapes. Check it out at:
Visit the Nature Photographers web site
Chris Kayler Photography:
Chris Kayler is a young and talented photographer in Virginia. He has many wonderful images throughout his site from birds, to macro photography and landscapes. I recommend you check out his work at:
Alan Murphy Photography:
Alan's bird images are a continual source of inspiration for my own photography. His archives are filled with splendid images of beautiful birds from across North America. As a bird photographer I find the standard set by Alan's images as something for me to strive toward. Alan's work can be seen at:
Vito Paratore Photography:
Vito is a talented nature photographer based in New Jersey. He has a great eye for landscapes in particular and has some truly wonderful images. His photos from the Tetons and of Delicate Arch are among my favorites. Vito's work can be seen at:
Kari Post Photography:
Kari has a variety of beautiful animal photos but I particularly like some of her flower shots. Kari also has some excellent and dynamic sports images. Check out her page at:
Glenn Bartley Nature Photography:
Glenn has some fantastic images on a wide range of nature photography subjects. His work includes pictures from North America as well as Costa Rica. In addition, he has a mailing list with a newsletter and articles on a variety of photography related subject matter. Be sure to visit his site at:

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